Charolais & Brionnais

  • Undulating countryside, ideal for hiking and cycling 

  • Waterways and nautical tourism with in particular the Loire river 

  • Agriculture and rural tourism

  • Gastronomy with the famous beef

  • Religious Architecture and heritage

The Charolais - Brionnais region

The Charolais - Brionnais

In the deep south-west of Burgundy, department of Saône-et-Loire, lies a piece of France still to be discovered. The Charolais-Brionnais. A very beautiful and unique region consisting mainly of a scenic landscape where the world-famous breed of the Charolais cows found its cradle. The view is characterized by beautiful green meadows hilly over the hills. As a large garden laid out with care, interrupted by long hedges or natural stone partitions.

The love and care of its inhabitants with their birthplace is expressed in this beauty and specialness which is also recognized internationally and is nominated for a recognition as world heritage (Unesco). A region with an unexpected rich history and cultural heritage. Traces from prehistoric times, the Celts, Galiers, Romans, the Middle Ages, the Dukes of Burgundy, the French kings, to this day. The number of Romanesque churches, more than two hundred chateau’s and old fortifications are among other striking witnesses. For lovers of culture, architecture, nature, creativity and crafts a great experience.

In the west on the border with the Allier river the Loire flows with its playful ramifications and beautiful places like Marcigny, Digoin and Bourbon-Lancy.

Also worth seeing are places such as Charolles, Paray-le-Monial with its Basilica, La Clayette, Marcigny, Anzy le Duc, Chaufface, Charlieu, Gueugnon, Issy-l'Évêque and Semur-en-Brionnais.

The numerous weekly markets, where regional handicraft products are traded, the cozy brocantes and in St. Christophes-en-Brionnais are held every Wednesday the famous cattle market where the Charolais cattle are traded. This market dates back to the 15th century.

The Charolais / Brionnais is climatologically on the border of south and north France and that makes a stay particularly pleasant.

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