Côte d'Or

  • Beautiful landscapes

  • Rich culture

  • Year-round activities

  • Easy acces

  • Well defined seasons

  • Renowned food and fine wines

Cote d'Or information

This lively region is the heart of Burgundy with the worldfamous town Beaune as the centre of the wine industry. Dijon is the capital, a lively student city with lots of history as the former capital of the Dukes of Burgundy, great gastronomy and great shops.

The most famous wines of the region come from the Cote d’Or of which Beaune is the wine capital. The vineyards of Meursault, Gevrey Chambertin and Romanée Conti are some of the most famous but there are many others. Beaune is a wealthy little town with exclusive shops and many good restaurants..

Dijon is the capital of the Cote d’Or, with refined shops, restaurants, a wealthy food industry, a university and many museums. Dijon Mustard and Gingerbread are two of its specialities but don’t forget Snails and Jambon Persillé (ham in parsley jelly). The city centre of Dijon is beautiful with an eclectic mix of medieval houses and 18th century palaces.

North of Dijon lies the Châtillonnais, a forested region of great natural beauty, with valleys and plains. Bubbly wine is important here, it is produced with the same climate and soil as the Champagne wines, so a wine of great quality but not nearly as dear. This is a region under development with a new national park that has just been created.

The Burgundy Channel flows through the Cote d’Or and connects the river Saone in the South with the river Yonne in the North. Great for pleasure boats and for cyclists due to the cycle paths that have been created on the banks of the canal. They attract cyclists but also hikers and roller blade enthusiasts.

The Cote d’Or for you?

This region is the wealthiest of the four regions of Burgundy and the property prices around the vineyards are considerably higher than elsewhere in the region. But lovely houses can still be found just outside the vineyards for very reasonable prices. From small village houses to large farms and manor houses. We have something for every budget.