Saône et Loire

  • Beautiful landscapes

  • Rich culture

  • Year-round activities

  • Easy acces

  • Well defined seasons

  • Renowned food and fine wines

Saône et Loire information

The furthermost South department of Burgundy, with Chalon sur Saône as its main city and Macon as its capital. Loved because of its rivers and canals and the many cycle routes along them. A wide variety of landscapes: The fertile Bresse plain to the east, the wine hills in the middle, and rolling country side with charollais cows to the west.

The Saône and Loire is one of the four departments of Burgundy and is located in the South of Burgundy.

The whole of Burgundy has its roots in religion, but none more so than Cluny which was so dominant in Christianity in Europe in the 12thC. Beautiful Romanesque churches dot the landscape, there are abbeys and monasteries and fine ecclesiastical architecture – for example the cathedral in Autun.

In this department you will discover Burgundy’s finest château at Cormatin, and the charming if little known town of Tournus on the river Saône with ancient basilica.

Mâcon in the far south is the main town of this department, with a thriving wine trade at its heart. The wines of the Côte Chalonnaise are not so ‘precious’ as those of the Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits, but they are, never-the-less, excellent. In the surrounding countryside the white Charolais cattle graze peacefully.

Chalon-sur-Saône it is a prosperous and busy town with light industry and all services at hand as well a great restaurants and a Sunday market where you must have glass of white wine.

Saone et Loire for you?
A very pleasant climate, a great choice in landscapes and properties, cities, culture, romantic villages, what's not to like really. Saone et Loire is France at its best.