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Sell your property

Why Burgundy4u?

We attract an international clientele looking for characteristic properties in unique locations. We advertise in France and abroad through Internet, search engines, Facebook, specialised magazines and all the most important property portals.

We are a full service estate agency, both vendors and purchaser can be confident that we will stay with them until the whole process is completed to satisfaction.

We work on no cure no pay basis, ie you sign a "mandat" with our estate agency, authorizing us to advertise your property, and only if we find the client that buys your property we can claim our commission.

Contact us via email, or call the agency on + 33 3 80 20 86 20 to ask one of our agents to come and discuss your property and the best way to sell it.

We explain below what types of mandat de vente are available and what you can expect from the Burgundy4U estate agent

Types of mandat de vente

Mandat de vente is a contract between the vendor and the estate agency, authorising the estate agency to advertise the property, agreeing the fee to be paid and agreeing the price for which the property can be sold for. There are three types of Mandat de vente:

Mandat simple: this is the most used from in France, the estate agency has no exclusivity in representing the property, but is one of many estate agencies. Vendors decide for this form, as they believe the more the merrier, but actually we believe that this strategy devalues your property as it appears several times on the high street and Internet by different estate agents. Purchasers think then "these people must be desperate".

Mandat Exclusive: This contract binds the vendor to the estate agency, and guarantees he gets full attention and full service. Another advantage is security: only one agent will handle the property, making sure that only he has keys and access to security of the property. In this age of Internet, there is no more need to advertise with several agents, Burgundy4u advertises already with the most important portals in France and abroad making sure that when clients are interested in your type of property they find your property on Internet. In some cases, Burgundy4u can decide to act as main estate agency, and appoint colleague estate agencies to complement the marketing effort at no extra cost to the vendor.

Mandat Accord: This is a hybrid form, handy if you the vendor also have access to several potential buyers, but still need a trusted and professional estate agency handle the sales process. A total commission amount is agreed, but in the case you find a buyer for the property then the agency only gets half the commission agreed to handle the legal side of the sale. We usually advice this to clients that are away, as when selling their second home and need an estate agency to be on the ground for eventual visits they organise. Also some properties need a split marketing approach, for example a property can be sold as a home to private people, but could also be sold as a business needing the help of a specialised agency.

What Burgundy4u does for the vendor?

Within the agreed commission defined in the mandat de vente Burgundy4u full service estate agent will execute the following activities:

  • The most important aspect: Define selling price. Based on a valuation, you will define with your agent the selling price taking into consideration your needs and the market at that moment.
  • Define a marketing strategy, where to advertise and how best to promote your property.
  • Set up an online selling document and brochure.
  • Advertise the property on burgundy4u.eu, france4u.eu and several other national and international property portals.
  • Respond to all requests.
  • Qualify interested parties on their capability to buy.
  • Accompany prospects on their visits.
  • Negotiate the best possible price.
  • Set up and conclude the compromis de vente.
  • Monitor the conveyance process at the notary for an efficient and fast sales completion.
  • Be present at the time of exchange of deeds at the Notary.
  • Help with change over of utilities to the new owner.
  • All of above either in French or in English.

As members of the UNIS be assured that we have the latest information and are insured to make this process efficient and professional

Your guarantee is our professionalism