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Our services

SARL Burgundy 4 U is founded in 2002 by Benjamin Haas, who is still the owner and driving force behind this company. Burgundy4U deliveres the services a normal French agency is not geared to give, because of the language barrier. We have 8 agencies in Burgundy to serve you better. 

About our all inclusive property finding service:

  • General information about the area and its facilities, to help you decide on the right location.
  • Clear and realistic descriptions of all properties we recommend.
  • We will accompany you to viewings, and will liaise with the owners of properties to obtain answers to any questions you may have.
  • We will suggest travel plans and accommodation for your time over here.
  • Our aim is to make sure you are completely happy that you have made the right decision when you finally make an offer for a house.
  • If need be put you in touch with surveyors, so that you can order a survey
  • We will issue bilingual (English/French) pre sales contract
  • We will be there when the exchange of contracts takes place at the notary
  • France4U shows its house prices including its Agency fees.
  • Except for the Notary costs, all obligatory costs are included in house sales prices shown in this website.

Our fees (20 % VAT included), included in the advertised price are to paid by the vendor who contracted us to sell his property. They vary according to the selling price.

1) For a non-exclusive sale mandate :
- Up to 100 000 €, fees 8 %, minimum of 5 000 €
- Up to 250 000 €, fees 7 %, minimum of 8 000 €
- Up to 500 000 €, fees 6 %, minimum of 17 500 €
- Over 500 000 €, fees 5 %, minimum of 30 000 €
- In town of more than 40 000 inhabitants, fees 5%

2) For an exclusive mandate, valid only during the exclusivity :
- Up to100 000 €, fees 7%, minimum of 4 500 €
- Up to 250 000 €, fees 6 %, minimum of 7 000 €
- Up to 500 000 €, fees 5%, minimum of 15 000 €
- Over 500 000 €, fees 4 %, minimum of 25 000 €
- n town of more than 40 000 inhabitants, fees 4%

The valuation of a property is free when it is a valuation to advertise your property for sale with us. If it is an administrative valuation, our fees are 350 € all tax included.

"We are in this business for the long term, our aim is to build a solid business by serving our clients well today when they buy a house, but also should they decide to sell in the future. Our prices reflect this, I mean it is no use charging too much today, if we cannot sell the house again in a few years time. Many of our clients believe that our prices are inflated as we are specialised in selling rural property to non French people. In fact, as in France houses are seldom sold by a single agency, we are obliged to keep our prices competitive. We actually welcome you telling us when you see a house cheaper elsewhere. We do not only find that house for you, but go further by helping you settle in the area". Benjamin Haas

The only Obligatory charge to add to France4u prices shown on the website

are notary fees, see below some examples of these costs

House cost
Notary fees

10 000 Eur 1 750 Eur 17.05 %
50 000 Eur 4 460 Eur 8.92 %
75 000 Eur 6 070 Eur 8.00 %
100 000 Eur 7 550 Eur 7.55 %
150 000 Eur 10 640 Eur 7.09 %
Higher price about 7% of purchase

Our property searching service (Mandat de recherche)
If we do not have your property on our books, we can SEARCH for your ideal property. We will do a search with other competing agencies, and keep a watch out for what you are looking for. If you decide to contract this service, our charges are the following: 3% of the purchase price, with a minimum charge of 5000 Euro if the house is not on “our” books. All this on a No sale - No fee basis.

Extra assistance with settling in

Getting to grips with the realities of daily life in a foreign country can be difficult, even if you speak the language fluently.  We offer a settling-in service. A service which is not obligatory at all and many of our clients have chosen to use to their satisfaction. Speak to our field managers to get a quote for your specific needs, this can be: 

  • Be your advisor and make sure the French buying process works for you
  • Help with opening a bank account
  • Transfer of utilities (gas, water, telephone, internet, electricity) and help set up automatic bill payment.
  • Obtain quotes and organize insurances relative to Living and owning a house in Burgundy.
  • Represent when needed the client during the buying process, if duly aithorized.
  • Introduction to local authorities, Maire, Schools, etc.
  • Introduction to Architects, project managers and local artisans.
  • Translation relative to all activities mentioned above
  • Insurance coverage for all these activities carried out by a Burgundy4u representative.
Please contact any of us for any other services or a tailor made proposal.

What next?
The first step is to help us understand what you want, by filling in the registration form on this website. The more information you give us the better we can work with you. Our first contact will be to understand what your needs are. After these have been established, we will suggest properties to you, and keep you updated of new properties that fit your brief. Once you are ready to visit we will help you organize your trip to the area. It is normal that the selection criteria, or your wish list changes over time, as we both get to know each other better. Thank you for keeping us informed. The France4u team.