The Bresse-Bourguignonne

The Bresse, mysterious forests, lush pastures, romantic castles, brick medieval farmhouses and fantastic chickens! This region of Burgundy, bordering on the Jura mountains is well known by Swiss who find it the ideal holiday retreat. Charming houses, big plots and peace and quiet are their main interest and of course all the qualities of French living, gastronomy, wine and ancient traditions and habits. Come and discover this unspoiled and charming part of Burgundy, guaranteed selfie stick free!

Bresse information

This region is located east of Beaune, between the fertile plains of the rivers Saone and Doubs and the Jura mountains. A rural region with small villages, characteristic farm houses and beautiful brick castles. Thick forests, lakes, rivers, springs and peace and quiet. Ideal horse country due to the high quality pastures and the soft rolling land and the river valleys. Great for fishing, hunting and cycling. Ideal for country life but at the same time close to some interesting cities like Dijon, Dole, Besancon, Chalon sur Saone and Tournus. Small country towns like Louhans, Pierre de Bresse and Verdun sur le Doubs offer amenities, markets and lively communities.
This region is much appreciated by the Swiss as it is close to Switzerland and if offers great farmhouses and large plots. This region is easy to reach thanks to the highways A6, A36 and A39. Great connections to Geneva, Switzerland, the South of France and the rest of Europe.

River valleys
Three beautiful rivers pass through the Bresse, the navigable Saone, the wild and beautiful Doubs and the Seille. Lovely properties can be found on the banks of the Saone and Doubs rivers around Verdun sur le Doubs with a cute pleasure port and Chalon sur Saone and on the river Seille around Cuisery and Tournus. Great for fishermen, water enthusiasts and bird watchers. Close to Chalon sur Saone and Beaune.
Around Pierre de Bresse
Behind the small town of Pierre de Bresse with beautiful castle and weekly market, the land starts to rise from the river valley of the Doubs to the Jura mountains. Forests and lakes, beautiful medieval farmhouses and the Jura mountains 30 minutes away. Ideal for the Swiss and anyone looking for peace and nature.
Between Louhans and Tournus
Beautiful soft rolling hills located between the town of Louhans and Tournus. Between the Jura and the wine hills. This is the South Bresse with farmhouses that have a Mediterranean flavour with roman tiles on their roofs, fig trees and lovely warm climate. The river Seille passes through here and the great river Saone limits this region in the west. Close to the wine hills of the Chardonnay.
Around St Germain du Bois
The heart of the Bresse with lovely farm houses, nice big plots and friendly neighbours. The Bresse chicken is king here. They strut their stuff with their fancy blue legs, white plumes and bright red crests. Quality of life and good food are important here. Great walks in the beautiful forests full of ancient oak trees, great tracks for horse riding and fishing in the many lakes.
The Bresse for you?
This is great region if you are looking for peace and quiet and true French country life. No selfie sticks and busses full of tourists here. Interesting properties mainly Bressan, wood-timbered farmhouses with lots of character, small manor houses and cosy village houses. Great value for money and large properties. France at its most French!