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Yonne valley (Dep. 89)Yonne valley (Dep. 89)Yonne valley (Dep. 89)Yonne valley (Dep. 89)

South of Auxerre, the Yonne river meanders in the heart of the countryside between vineyards, limestone cliffs, but also vast fields of crops on plateaus interrupted by ancient villages near the forest where all the houses are made of the local white limestone.

North of Vermenton are the vineyards of Irancy, St. Bris-le-Vineux, the natural caves in the rock of Bailly ideal for aging the Crémant de Bourgogne. This is an area that is worth exploring all the way to Chablis on the eastern side, with renovated village houses.

South of Vermenton, the Nivernais Canal leads to Clamecy and the Loire river. It is the most naturally beautiful canal of Burgundy. On its shores are picturesque villages such as Mailly-le-Château, Accolay and Châtel-Censoir with activity centered around the Canal du Nivernais. Undulating countryside between forest and river. For anyone who loves canals, water sports, climbing, hiking and observing nature, this is an idyllic place.

This area with its limestone cliffs and deep valleys offer spectacular caves such as the Grottes d'Arcy. Here there are prehistoric wall paintings and traces left by our ancestors in almost every stage of our evolution, some dating back to 250,000 years. On the top of the rolling hills, medieval towns have emerged such Noyers sur Serein or Montreal still active with their summer festivals or Vézelay, the pilgrimage town on the road to St James of Compostela, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO .

One of the strengths of this region is its accessibility. The main axis through Burgundy, the A6/E15 passes through on the edge of that area, then the journey from Paris takes about 1h30. From the Channel ports, it takes 4h45 and from Amsterdam about 8 h. The exit 21 to Nitry is only a few minutes away by car. The nearest airposts are Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (2h) and Paris Orly airport(1h30). For the train, Vermenton is located on the regional line between Avallon and Auxerre with a change over in Laroche-Migennes to Paris Gare de Lyon.

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