The Chablis area

  • Just two hours from Paris

  • World renouwnd wines

  • Rennaisance castles

  • Burgundy canal at Tonnerre

  • White stone buildings

Chablis area information

The Chablis is located at the Northern border of Burgundy. It is a rural area, easily accessible and full of nice surprises amongst Renaissance castles, the Burgundy Canal and the beautiful white stone buildings from the local quarries. And don't forget the great white wine!

Chablis has some lovely cities like Tonnere, Ancy le Franc and Auxerre. It is a region of wine, white that is, as this is the most Northern wine area of Burgundy. Only the Champagne and Alsace produce wine further North. Due to the cooler climate, the white wines are quite different from the ones around Beaune and Tournus. Dry and with a taste of flint surprisingly.

It has some stunning castles like Tanlay and Noyers one of the most beautiful villages of France.

It is an area which is relatively unknown, especially compared with the famous Cote d'Or but it is most definitely worth to discover, as undiscovered areas are often the most beautiful.

This region is really easy to reach, halfway between Paris and Burgundy, the climate is somewhat cooler than the rest of Burgundy which makes it ideal for outdoor activities.